My WWBH Story – June 26, 2013: Quaint Little Coffee Shop


Words used in this story are: Imprint, Careworn, Crescent, head-on, satin

Quaint Little Coffee Shop

Janet stopped in front of the quaint little coffee shop in the small town of Flagstaff, near where she had grown up, the imprint of the train catching her eye.  Apparently the coffee shop was fairly new, because she didn’t remember it being there when she moved away several years ago, but then a lot had changed.  Still, it was a far cry from the busy city of Dallas, TX where she now lived.  For a moment Janet debated going in.  She was still wearing the same satin blouse and tweed skirt she had worn to work the day before.  The skirt had survived okay, but the the blouse was all wrinkled from the long drive.

As she opened the door to go inside, Janet’s thoughts went to her brother, Jason.  Jason had loved trains, jokingly calling himself a ferroequinologist.  She tried to remember if he had ever mentioned coming here.  After all, it combined his two loves Coffee and Trains.   Sadly he had just died a couple days ago  after being in a coma as a result of a head-on collision.

After Jason’s accident, Janet had been unable to get away from work and had to rely on daily phone calls to her parents who sounded careworn.  When her parents had called with news of Jason’s death, Janet immediately requested (more like demanded) time off work.  She had pretty much driven straight through except for a stop at one of the rest areas along the way to catch a few ZZZs.  The crescent moon had  still been in the sky when  Janet  pulled out of the rest area.

After ordering a coffee and pastry, Janet found a seat in a quiet corner.  Her thoughts once again returning to her brother.  She had a feeling he would have loved this place, simply because of the name.  Well that and because of his second love – Coffee!!  He always use to say that you could never have enough coffee.  He was always sending her pictures of the latest coffee mugs (and other coffee related gadgets) that he had picked up from various places that he travelled to.  It was funny, Janet had moved away to a bustling, busy city because she wanted to get out of what she had considered to be a boring place to live and yet she hardly ever ever went anywhere, while Jason (who had stayed in there home town) was constantly traveling all over the world, seeing new places and meeting new people.

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