WWBH Blog Hop June 19, 2013

Note (June 26, 2013) Because of technical (and other) difficulties, we are re-doing this Blog Hop. WWBH Blog Hop June 26, 2013

Note (June 21, 2013) For some reason I can not get inlinkz to show up on my blog. If you have a story send me your link in comments and I’ll get em passed on to next weeks WWBH host.

It’s that Time of week. Time for this week’s Blog Hop.

I decided to use one of the pictures that I took while on a little camping/train swap meet getaway the weekend before last. A cute little coffee shop with (I think) a cute and unique name.


The rules are simple:

The story must be related to the above picture and include the random words below. It must also be under 500 words.

Most important, have fun and don’t stress out.

When your done link your story to the linky at the bottom

Random Words:


Share your thoughts

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