My #WWBH story: June 12, 2013 – A nice day for a jog


It was a beautiful day out and Jeannie was enjoying one of those rare moments when she was able to get out and go for jog.  Work kept her so busy much of the time that she rarely found the time to get out.  The cough variant asthma that plagued her made it that much more difficult to get out (even though she knew the exercise would do her good). The path along side the woods. not too far from where she lived, felt like the perfect spot to relax and get a way from all the stress and worries of every day life and just let her mind go numb.

The day promised to be so gorgeous that she had decided to treat herself  to a picnic lunch at a small park nearby the trail’s start/end. A small lunch, as well as a food magazine that she had gotten in the mail a couple weeks ago (but hadn’t had a chance to really read yet) waited for her in her car.  One thing Jeannie loved to do was cook and was always interested in trying out new things, especially ways to bring variety to boring bland foods.  This particular magazine was all about ways to “bring spice and life to the boring potato

After she finished her jog, Jeannie took a big long swig of water from her water bottle before retrieving her lunch from the car.  After finishing the sandwich she had made earlier, Jennie picked up the magazine and opened it.  Nibbling on a carrot from her lunch she began to read, her mind formulating new ideas from those that she gleaned from the magazine as she read.


I believe there’s a little bit of time left (if you hurry) before this weeks Blog Hop Photo Prompt goes up.  

Just a few quick rules:

Must be related to photo and include the 5 random words (as seen in bold in my story – or click here) and be under 500 words

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