I’m a Man?? Huhhh?? When did that happen (Rant)

Warning:  First of all this is a rant.  Second of all, while it I will the post will (should) not be crude or pornographic in nature it is not necessarily meant for the sensitive (or young) eyes….  Read on at own discretion.

Decided to take a quick gander at the emails in one of my “boxes” this morning.  I was actually looking for something specific and figured it was a good time to weed through them and delete the junk and such.

Terrible at estimating percentages, but it does appear that a large percentage of the junk emails (most of the emails seemed to be junk by the way) all had a common theme……  Are you ready for this…….

“How to increase the size of your penis”…….  Ummmmm WTF????  Did I miss something somewhere?  When did I get the necessary appendage to “increase size”

Then there are the eMails offering “HOT Girls”  (once again WTF) – so either I’ve turned into guy and didn’t know it OR  I’m lesbian (btw I’m not making any judgements of those with different sexual orientations – just saying that I am not).

The rant?  Having to weed through these eMails that end up in my inbox (junk-mail doesn’t necessarily catch them all) and make sure I don’t miss important stuff in the middle of all that.

Okay, Rant over….  Back to my normal, every day, boring posts 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’m a Man?? Huhhh?? When did that happen (Rant)

  1. I wonder if it pays for them to spam everyone? How many people actually get those messages and are like, “YES, I would LOVE to increase the size of my penis! Sign me up!!”


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