The initial drama is over. The tornado that touched down his moved on. There is quiet – a stillness in the air, but all around destruction. People in varying states of shock – Denial, anger, bargaining, maybe even marginal acceptance. People trying to put their shattered lives back together. Rescue efforts continuing looking,hopefully, for live bodies. People crying with relief as loved ones are found. And with despair as lives are lost.

It may seem like a scene straight out of the disaster movie – but it is a scene straight out of reality for a town hit by a devastating tornado.

The aftermath of such a tornado can last years as people struggle to make sense of it all and put lives back together.


3 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. It’s life changing…. I cannot imagine to what degree because I’ve not experienced such loss and devastation. But I can imagine one’s life must change forever–especially when they lose a child. 😦


    • Thankfully I have never personally experienced such…. After hearing of the tragedy of the Tornadoes in OKC & DFW, TX the words/idea just sort of flowed out of me… Just thinking (I won’t say imagining – that’s not possible) what it must be like


  2. I am a sunny disposition kind of guy. It was tough yesterday enjoying our sunshine and clear day knowing the news out of OKC and Dallas Tx. We had a father shoot his son and responded. Tough day


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