#WIP: How Do Budget Cuts Affect Fire Departments

After talking to an old acquaintance, I decided I would (try) to put together a “story” on the affects of budget cuts on Fire Departments.  This is not meant to be specific to any one Department or situation, but rather a generalized  gathering of information.  I invite all Firefighters (or anyone involved in The Fire Service) to chime in with their thoughts & opinions.  And, just so you know,  Names will not be used (unless specifically requested) – so you can remain completely anonymous.

I would like to gather as much thoughts, opinions, and info as I can for this story from you (Firefighters), because it is you guys who are on the front lines of having to deal with these budget cuts – not the bureaucrats, not the government, not the media, but you guys.

I have set a “deadline” of publication for my “story” to be the end of this month – May.  I don’t like pushing people with deadlines, but I also realize that if I leave this open ended, then I am less likely to get responses (and certainly not in a timely manner).

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks!  And Thank You for all you do 🙂

Tena Carr


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