My #WWBH story: May 01, 2013 – Books and More Books.

This particular photo (and 5 words) presented a challenge for me.  Somehow I just couldn’t get a story to “start up” in my mind.  I finally did come up with something, but I’m afraid it’s on the short side this week (shorter than usual).  I hope that you will join in and link up your own Blog Hop story (short/long – well no more than 500 words – it doesn’t matter).  To see this weeks Blog Hop Photo & Words click Here

Child in Awe

Jeffrey walked amongst the rows of books at the large public library, fiddling with the napkin in his pocket as he did.  So many books, he didn’t know where to begin.  He had never been in a library this large before, only the local library of the small town in which he lived.  When his father asked him if he wanted to go into the city with him, Jeffrey said “Yes” and asked if they might stop at the library there.  He could hardly contain his excitement when his father agreed, saying that he could even check out a couple of books.  Now as he looked wide array of books he wasn’t sure how he was going to choose the one book that he was allowed.  Maybe he should look for a book on poisons.  His pet mole, racer, had gotten into some sort of poison and died.  Or maybe a book on concerts.  He and his dad had stopped and listened to  a free concert in the park and Jeffrey thought the sounds beautiful.  Jeffrey scratched at his neck while he thought about it.

Words used in this story: mole, napkin, poison, concert, neck

8 thoughts on “My #WWBH story: May 01, 2013 – Books and More Books.

  1. It’s always difficult to choose when there are so many to choose from. I can almost feel the dilemma that poor child faced.


  2. Aw. Cute! You captured the awe I saw in this pic… even as a “grown up” I am awestruck by all the wonderful books that line the shelves. As a child it must be 100 times more delightfully overwhelming.

    Good job, Tena!


    • Great!! Don’t forget to link up your own WWBH story. It gets put into a “drawing” for an ad button on the sites of the co-hosts. I’ll have 2 see if I can find the post on that (not on my site).


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