My WWBH Story April 24, 2013 – Hard Worker


“Now sweetheart, don’t get all in a huff” Patricia said as she noticed her husband tapping angrily on the steering wheel of the car as they drove along the highway.  “Maybe we should pull over for a moment” she suggested a bit nervously.

“No,” Jack answered, “I’m fine”

“Are you sure” Patricia inquired, concerned.

“Yeah” Jack replied,  “It’s just that BS they gave me at HR about the reason for letting me go is a pile of crock.  All they care about is the quantity of work done, not the quality.

“I know,” Patricia said agreeing with him.  “They have no idea what a conscientious and hard worker they’re losing”  She rubbed his arm affectionately.  She recalled the the letter that had come from the construction company that Jack worked for on official looking letterhead from the Human Resource Department.

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