#AtoZChallenge: #Firefighter – #Safety – Z is for Zero

A day late (my apologies), but here’s the today’s (and final) post for the A-to-Z Challenge.

FightFlightZ is for  ZERO as in Zero – Sixty.  No, I’m not talking about a car or any other vehicle for that matter…..  I’m talking about adrenalin rush.  As a Firefighter, Paramedic, or Police Officer your day can go from mundane and boring to *Bleep* hitting the fan in a matter of minutes.

As you know an adrenalin rush is caused by the “Fight or Flight and response, which causes Adrenalin (Epinephrine) to be released into the body.  Heart Rate, Pulse, and Breathing all accelerate and your body prepares to “stay and fight or run (thus the “Fight or Flight”).  Your mind can become super-focused and your pain threshold can increase (you may not even feel pain at all).  While the release of adrenalin can be a good thing in allowing for increased focusability and increased strength and all that, the constant zero – sixty that is norm for a firefighter can have harmful results over long periods of time.

I should note that the opposite (Sixty to Zero) is just as bad….  Once, as a child, I was visiting the local fire station with my father, which I talk about in my blogpost Firefighters are my Heroes , but to make a long story short:  Alarms go off crew heads for truck in a rapid, but controlled manner , then voice over intercom (I think that’s what it was – we’re talking like 30+ years ago) “False Alarm”….  Dead Silence.  I didn’t understand it all back then, but I realize now that when those alarms (maybe it was klaxons) went off  the adrenalin started to be released in the body of those firefighters as they prepared for “fight or flight”.  Now all that adrenlain had no place to go, it basically hit a brick wall and went Sixty to Zero.

So what are the symptoms/results of an adrenalin rush?

As I mentioned above, increased Heart Rate and Accelerated Breathing are two of the symptoms.  Heart Palpitations and Increased Blood Pressure are other symptoms that also occur.  For more info on the “Fight or Flight Response and it’s effects click Fight or Flight Response (wikipedia).

What’s the problem with all that Fight or Flight/Adrenlain Rush?

The constant Zero to Sixty (as well as the Sixty to Zero) situations is that over time it can lead to heart problems (Did you know that Heart Attacks and High Blood Pressure is one of the leading causes of Firefighter death – Not the fires themselves).

What to do about it

For one thing make sure you are physically, mentally, and emotionally to begin with.  Have yourself some form of (safe & legal) outlet to release the build up of adrenalin (a good strong work out is always a good idea).  Make sure you are taking care of YOU.

Remember Watch out for the effects of ZERO to Sixty (as well as Sixty to Zero) on the body and StaySAFE!!

So now I’ve reached the end of this A-to-Z Challenge.  Hopefully I have provided some good reminders to STAYSAFE  on the job.  Thank You for all you do  {{{HUGS}}}

Here’s a list of Firefighting and Paramedic Blogs that I follow:


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