#AtoZChallenge: #Firefighter #Safety – W is for Why?

Was going to write this earlier this morning (actually should’ve been done yesterday), but I had to get family up & dressed for burn buster blast event today (I want to say put on my local Fire Department mainly).  Get this one and “X” and I’m caught up.

Before I start I want to include a video playlist I came across on youtube featuring Randy Mantooth (from the show Emergency!) speaking on “Remembering Why” in relation to EMS.

There are going to be days when you start to ask yourself “What the (bleep) am I doing here?”  It is times like those that you need to look back and remember WHY you chose this career to, re-afirm/confirm those reasons.

I think pretty much every firefighter/paramedic I’ve talked to has all said (when asked why they decided on this career path) because they wanted to, because they wanted to make a difference in peoples lives, to do something meaningful.  I’ve never (that I recall) heard anyone answer that they got into Fire/EMS/Police because they were forced to or had no choice.  Always, it’s been something that was in their family, in their blood.  It is something that stays with you and never leaves – you know what they say, “Once a Firefighter, Always A firefighter”  It’s not something you just up and walk away from one day (unless forced by events beyond your control).  Sometimes you just need to remember WHY and focus on that.

Remember WHY and STAYSAFE!!!

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2 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: #Firefighter #Safety – W is for Why?

  1. I love this one. Know (and remember) what you do and why it matters so much. Sometimes it takes a little soul searching when we lose focus, but there’s a reason why it all matters. 🙂


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