#AtoZChallenge: #Firefighter #Safety – V is for Vacation

Going to be a crazy day.  Trying to pound out 4 post as I have managed (once again) to get myself behind schedule and need to get U-X done by the end of today.  Plus, I’m heading out in a couple hours for the local “Burn Buster Blast” even taking place today.

When I started this whole challenge I only knew that I was going to start of with letter A being about Awareness.  Beyond that, I really had no idea what I was going to do for each letter – just that it was going to be (as best as I could do with my limited knowledge) about Firefighter Safety.  My hope all along has been that my short posts would serve as reminders of things that you (firefighters) should already know.

Now I’ve gotten to V and it’s been a toss-up between the idea of “Vacation” which is what popped into my mind and “Ventilate”, an idea that was given to me by FirehouseZen.  Both are important to the safety of firefighters.  Ventilate is quite a bit more obvious.  You all know that you need to be careful when going to ventilate.  Ventilation is an important aspect in firefighting, but it is important to be sure you are doing it safely.  But I’m not going to go into Ventilation.  Instead, I’m going to look at VACATION – Yes, Vacation….

I don’t need to tell you that being a firefighter can be hard, exhausting work – If I do, then your in the wrong profession – that burn-out is a very real concern & problem.  At the same time, being a firefighter is something that gets under your skin and into your blood (how do I know this? – I listen and I learn, but I digress).   So how does Vacation come into play here?  Taking a break and being well rested and refreshed is just as important to the safety of a firefighter as being Aware, staying Focused, and making sure you Understand  the situation.  A vacation need not be extravagant or expensive, it’s about relaxing, having fun, and enjoying life and coming back well rested and ready to go fight fires.

Remember go on VACATION and STAYSAFE!!


3 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: #Firefighter #Safety – V is for Vacation

  1. So true… this applies back to your “Y” post about taking care of yourself. Though it might seem counter-intuitive sometimes, I think taking a vacation counts as taking care of yourself.


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