WWBH Blog Hop: April 24, 2013


YEAH  It’s my turn this week to take the WWBH wheel (I so wanted to say reigns but I’ve been using “wheel” so I’ll stick with that.  It’s been a crazy few months for me.  as I’ve mentioned in several of my blogposts, we recently moved from Texas to Arizona.  Had quite an adventure on the trip (you know I still don’t think I ever wrote on that trip)

Before I get into the words and photo lets look at the stories from last weeks WWBH:

Heading Home by Reading, Writing, and Everything In-between.

Who He Is by Scotty Wattle Doodle All The Day

John and Kelly by The Wooden Rollercoaster

Since I was driving one of the vehicles on the our move here, I did not have too many opportunities to really get any good photos.  Most of the time when we stopped it was to take care of something gas, food, etc or stopping for the night (by which point we were both pretty well exhausted).  I figured that this picture taken on the one that we took during our pre-move trip (what do you call it when your checking a new place out to see if you would want to live there?) back in December of last year would be fitting.


As for the words, I know I could go online and find something that gives me random words, but I just used the dictionary and the old close eyes and point – that’s the word (times 5) that I use.  I do not pre-plan in anyway the words I choose…  Whatever 5 words I point at, that’s what goes in – HONEST!!

So this weeks words are:






You got about a week  to write your story and submit it below (see the blue froggy)  500 words or less using the 5 words and based on the photo above….  Can’t wait to see what you all got.  so get those creative juices and may the MUSE be with you.

Good Luck.


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