My WWBH Story for April 17, 2013: A Heavy Heart

Here’s my story for this last weeks WWBH.  I know it’s short.  I got a bit behind and was having a hard time getting a story to flow, but I knew I had to at least try and do something.
The words used this week are highlighted in the story.
Hadn’t it been just recently that he had argued with his mother about remembering to take his vitamins?  No it had to have been longer.  He couldn’t remember anymore.
The burden on Daniel’s heart was as heavy as the load he carried as he walked along the street to the disaster stricken area of town.  The town’s mayor, and other officials,  had ignored warnings of threats and was totally unprepared when catastrophe struck.  So much injury, death, and mayhem had occurred….. An uncountable amount.  Daniel wondered how much more he could take before he snapped with anger at the injustice of it all.
The worst was the kids, some of them not much younger than himself, who should be spending the summer having fun and eating ice cream.  Those kids not much younger than he should be hanging out with friends, maybe even making out with their girlfriend (or boyfriend). Instead, their lives were cut way to short.
The only real good news in all this was that the police had several suspects in their quarry, though it was highly unlikely that a disaster of this magnitude was the work of any one person or even a small group.

3 thoughts on “My WWBH Story for April 17, 2013: A Heavy Heart

  1. Nice job, Tena. Though short, I felt like I was within a thought… a heated moment of despair manifested in anger. You did well in maximizing the emotion and the word usage in a very short space. That’s hard to do! 🙂


    • yeah it was pretty short…. I just couldn’t seem to go anywhere with the story – Just wasn’t flowing (you know my deal – It flows or it goes).

      The bad part is I have absolutely no idea what to do for this week (and I’m the one to pick the photo (the words, of course, are completely randomly picked.


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