Random Topic Writing Challenge: Wine

I’m not big a big drinker, but I do enjoy a glass of wine from time to time.  I know I’m a major lightweight, but my wine of choice is something sweet – Something along the lines of Manishewitz or Mogen David.  Don’t care much for dry wines.

Getting into a bit of TMI (so cover eyes if that bothers you)  I make it a point to have a glass of wine every night when I’m on my monthly.  It helps “move things along” and gives you an extra boost of iron that a women’s body looses during that “time of month”

Okay TMI session over…..

Wine is excellent (and a nightly glass recommended) for Heart Health.  As with anything, of course, moderation should be exercised….  A glass (maybe even two)  for heart health and to relax is a good thing…..  Over indulgence – Not so good.

So go and enjoy a glass of wine this evening – With Moderation of course 🙂


8 thoughts on “Random Topic Writing Challenge: Wine

  1. Wow! This is so great, Tena! I didn’t know about the extra iron for ladies… that’s a side health bonus never hear about. Awesome! I love the drier white wines in the summer, like a crisp Pinot Grigio and doubly enjoy dark, robust reds the rest of the year… like Chianti or Malbec. I have between 1-2 glasses every night… for heart health ‘n’ stuff. 😉 Beyond the taste, though, there is just something about a glass of wine in the evening that is both romantic and relaxing.


  2. I found your blog from the comment you wrote on the A to Z Blogging Challenge and decided to come and see what you are all about. I am following through Bloglovin and will come back to read more about your Paramedics and Firefighters….I am an RN so I have an interest


    • I replied earlier, but had to make a quick trip to store for hubby and somehow WP locked up and ate my reply 😦

      Anyway, I wanted to Thank You for following and to tell you that I’m reciprocating via Google Friend Connect. From what I was able to glimpse at, I like your writing style… Kind of similar to mine in the ‘little bit of this and that’ department. My passion is Fire/EMS and I also like to try my hand at writing (but don’t think I do a very good job at it).

      I was reading, in your blog, about your husband and the stages of Parkinson’s. I cannot even imagine…. Though I do have some understanding of having to care for a spouse. My husband suffered an SCI before we were married and has been in a wheelchair for nearly 25 years now (we’ve been married going on 17 years now). A few years ago he suffered a stroke (a story within itself – that is, in many ways, a miracle). When we first got together he was semi-ambulatory, but the effects of time and the stroke has lessened that considerably. He’s still able to care for himself for the most part, but needs much more assistance than just a few years ago.

      Hopefully I haven’t rambled on to much and bored you to tears. I wish you the best of luck (that somehow doesn’t seem adequate enough) with your husband. You have a hard rode and it takes a strong person to deal with the things you are dealing with. I sometimes wonder if I can do it if/when things get worse… I can only hope 🙂

      Best to you



    • Forgot to say that if your interested in the Fire EMS stuff I’ve written I have a category for things related to Fire/EMS/Police… There’s also one called for the Firefighters.


  3. I’m with you kiddo when it comes to wine – a little and sweet 🙂 If you have access to Brown Brothers’ Moscato, try it, or if you want something really yummy, Brown Brothers’ Orange Muscat and Flora – that one is a desert wine and will knock your socks off for sweetness and yummolla factor.


  4. We had an overabundance of grapes this year, so we went to a beer and wine supply store in Oregon City (Bridgweview, by name) and bought recipe books and supplies to make our own. We ended up with OVER 60 bottles of homemade wine! Barry now drinks a small glass (and I take a sip or two of his) with supper every evening. He works long, physically exhausting days, and he really enjoys that glass of wine! Baruch haba bashem Adonai, Eloheinu Melech ha olam, boray pree hagafen! Blessed is the name of the Lord, King of the universe, who gives us the fruit of the vine!


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