Bullying – Random Topic Writing Challenge

Below is done as a part of my Random Topic Writing Challenge in which a word is chosen (blindly) and I simply start writing (typing) for 5 minutes what pops into my head.


We all, well most anyway, have been teased as a child and in many ways that is a normal part of childhood.  But there is a line that can be crossed from normal childhood teasing and bullying.  Teasing can often be handled by simply walking away and ignoring the person, or even a snappy comeback (that throws the teaser of their game).  However, anytime a child is threatened or has been physically assaulted or kept from walking away from a situation should be reported to the proper adult in charge (teacher, guardian, parent, etc).

Teasing can be either “all in good fun” meant to include the recipient of the joke to laugh along w/ the others or it can be harmful meant to ridicule and poke fun at in a demeaning way.  Teasing, in childhood,  is normal  and to be expected; Bullying, however, is a completely different situation and should not be tolerated.

What Are Some Things You (as a Parent) Can Do?

Teach your children ways of handling situations in which they are being simply being teased (the normal teasing that kids do)

Teach your children what to do when that teasing becomes harmful and/or mean or becomes bullying.

Teach your children the harmful effects of harmful teasing / bullying and proper respect for others



One thought on “Bullying – Random Topic Writing Challenge

  1. I think the most insideous thing is when it’s an adult that’s bullying a child. Especially when it’s a parent. I grew up in a home where my dad used intimidation, threats and physical abuse to “prove” he was the boss. He had everyone, including my mom, and grandparents living with us, cowering. Bullying is abuse. Getting your way by threatening or abusing is more than just teasing, and in all forms, and in all places it needs to STOP!!!


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