Swimming: Random Topic Writing Challenge

Before I start I must make my apologies for not keeping up with this challenge.  I have no excuses and no-one is making me do this.  I only have my self to be accountable to (and I’m not being all that accountable in this).  I took a glance at when I last posted something for this challenge and realized it was back towards the beginning of the month (almost 2 weeks ago) – EEEEK!!  I really need to do a better job.


I love swimming, but much prefer to swim alone than in a crowded pool (or really a pool with much of anyone in it).  Because of problems I have with my ears, all the waves from other people in the pool tends to make me dizzy and get me all disoriented.  I would generally end up getting out of the pool barely able to walk a straight line.  All that bobbing up and down that occurred with those waves created by others.   I say this in “past tense” because I haven’t been swimming in a public pool in, well, forever….  The last time I swam in a pool at all was something like 2 or 3  years ago (not sure, but it’s been awhile) and that was a friend’s pool – not a lot of people in the pool when I was in it.

Despite the trouble I have with being in the pool with other people, swimming is one of those sport like things that I enjoy doing the most.  Up there with bike riding.  Walking use to be up there too, but age (and aching knees) makes that one not so enjoyable.  And, with the swimming, unless I head over to a public pool swimming isn’t really an option.  So looks like biking is my best bet.


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