#AtoZChallenge: #Firefighter #Safety R is for Rapid Intervention Team

When I, un-officially, started this challenge I decided that my theme would be Firefighter Safety (Basically quick reminders of Safety to all you Firefighters out there)….  But for those of you following who are not Firefighters  Let me start this post with a quick definition as to what a Rapid Intervention Team (in some cases called Rapid Intervention Crew) is.

Firefighter Assist and Search Team (FAST), also known as a Rapid Intervention Team/Crew (RIT/RIC), is a team of two or more firefighters dedicated solely to the search and rescue of other firefighters in distress. FAST shall have no other operational assignment during an incident. Multiple alarm fires may require multiple FAST/RIC teams.

source:  Wikipedia: “Firefighter Assist and Search Team”

When a Firefighter is calling a MayDay it means they are in trouble and seconds count.  It is not enough to simply have a Rapid Intervention Team, your RIT/RIC should be ready to be deployed at a moments notice and should be ready for any eventuality.

NFPA and OSHA Standards require that “a minimum of two firefighters be standing by in full PPE whenever firefighters are working in a hazardous atmosphere

Equipment of the RIT/RIC should include:

Full Turn-Out Gear


PASS Device (Personal Alert Safety System)

Portable Radio

Hand Tools

Hand Light

Search Rope or Webbing

Rapid Air Transport bag (that allows for an extra mask to provide oxygen to a downed firefighter)

I found these informative articles on Rapid Intervention Teams:

Rapid Intervention Team: Are You Ready by @FireEngineering

Fireground Assessment for Rapid Intervention Teams by @FireHouseNews

Rapid Intervention Team Positions and Assessments by FD Training Network

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