#AtoZ Challenge: #Firefighter #Safety – Q is for Quality

I was going to write this on the importance of good quality gear & equipment and how it is important that they be in good quality, working order.  But then I came across this e-how on the Quality Traits of a Firefighter:

Of course Physical Fitness & Stamina tops the list

It is vital that a firefighter stay in “tip-top” shape and at the top of their game.  Fitness & Health isn’t just something to be done at work, but should be a goal that should be strived for at all times (Push yourself away from the table sooner, Take those stairs instead of elevators, work out regularly)

Any physical Fitness or medical tests offered through the department (whether required or voluntary should be taken advantage of.

Mechanical Aptitude

A firefighter must have a good Mechanical Aptitude or a good Aptitude for Mechanics – trying to determine if those are the same thing or not.  In any event, a firefighter should have a good knowledge of the mechanics of the equipment that he uses as well as the mechanics of fire and how it will behave under various (and sometimes quickly varying) situations.

Critical Thinking

A firefighter must be able to take directions, but also must be able to think quickly on their feet.  They must be able to make life and death decisions in a moments notice sometimes doing so using nothing, but their own judgement.  They must be able to think critically and often times in critical situations where seconds count.


A firefighter needs to have good dexterity.  This means both physical dexterity the ability to move quickly and efficiently in any situation you might find yourself in, as well as mental dexterity and ability to do your job well.

Leadership & Interpersonal Skills

Even if a firefighter is not in a position of “Leadership” (ie: chief, battalion chief, captain, etc) he must still be able to lead should it become necessary to do so.  He should be able to lead other members of his crew as well as citizens should it become necessary.

A firefighter must also have interpersonal skills in order to  get along with and work properly and efficiently as a member of the crew/team.

Remember:  Make sure you hone the “QUALITY” Traits of a firefighter and that your equipment is in Good QUALITY working order.


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