Un-Official #AtoZChallenge: O is for Observe & Obstacle

Now that I got yesterday’s “N” out of the way I can get to today’s post….


I had a hard time choosing between “Observe” & “Obstacle”….  Both are very suitable words when it comes to discussing Firefighter, Paramedic (and, yes, police & military) safety.

Be sure you are always observing (I know, I’m beginning to sound like a broken record) what is going on around you.  Observe any Obstacles – Obstacles that might keep you from doing your job safely or from making a quick egress (should it become necessary)

Obstacles can be all sorts.  Debris in your pathway as you transgress through a building, A hysterical person getting in the way of you providing aid, A “first choice” egress that has become blocked or un-usable.  Be aware of existing Obstacles and of anything that could potentially become an obstacle to the safety of yourself and your crew.

Remember Observe and know your Obstacles AND StaySAFE!!

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