Un-Official #AtoZChallenge N is for Nightscan

If I were to be graded on this challenge, I’d most likely be getting an “F” for FAIL, as I keep finding myself behind schedule in posting, but for now I’ll get into letter “N”

I had several options in which to base, what should have been, yesterday’s post on – Nurture, Needs for exit, Nightscan.  Not really having a clear cut idea of what to write for “Nurture”, and having already covered the Need for exits (KNOW your way out), I figured I’d try to do something with Nightscan.

Source Credit: http://willburt.sancsoft.net
Source Credit: http://willburt.sancsoft.net

According to Wil-Burt, the company that manufactures Night Scan®, allow firefighters around the world to perform rescue operations under the safest lighting conditions possible.

Most major fires & accidents occur during the nighttime hours when there is little to no light available.  Being able to see clearly is paramount in the safety of all concerned when at the scene of an accident or fire.  I tried to find something on the history of  the Nightscan product and on the history of it’s use on Fire Apparatuses, but have yet to have any luck (despite varying attempts on google).  I know something has to exist somewhere but it alludes me.  It does appear that I good number of Stations (as well other EMS & Paramilitary services) utilize Nightscan as a method to light an incident scene.

I found this video on you-tube that shows how the Nightscan lighting system works (it’s a little hard to hear the guy talking).

claimer (or is that disclaimer):  I have, in NO way, received any monetary (or otherwise) reimbursement for the mention of the product “Night Scan®” or it’s manufacturer Wil-Burt,

Remember Keep the scene well lit using NightScan (or other product) and StaySAFE

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3 thoughts on “Un-Official #AtoZChallenge N is for Nightscan

  1. This is interesting. I had never thought about the need for lighting up a scene; it’s one of those logical “of course!” concepts but never really think about it.
    I am so curious as to why the fires and accidents occur at night.


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