So Why do Fires & Accidents happen at night?

One of my commenters  mentioned wondering why accidents and fires tend to take place at night in response to my blog post “N is for NightScan“.   I’m no expert, but I thought I’d give it a shot to give some sort of an answer – since it was a good & interesting question.

My guess is that the reason so many fires & accidents happen (or in any case are worst) at night is 2 reasons:  One, most people are asleep and those that are awake – well let’s just say that whole sleep cycle thing can tend to get screwed up in those who work graveyard shifts and it tends to slow down thinking, etc (not to say that those who work graveyard aren’t able to do their job safely & efficiently)….

The other reason is that, at least in reference to accidents, is the dark.  It’s harder to see making it much more likely to have a vehicular accident.   Actually, the most dangerous time of day for vehicular accidents is at dusk – the time between daylight & dark.  It is the time when the most caution must be exercised when driving, walking, or bicycling.

Here are some safety tips:

Nighttime Fires

It is recommended that you keep doors to bedrooms closed at night (this will help keep fire from entering bedroom)

Make sure you have fire alarms in every bedroom as well as kitchen, living room, and hallway.  Make sure they are working properly = TEST REGULARLY

DRILL DRILL DRILL – Do some nighttime drills to practice getting out at night when “asleep”

Nighttime Driving

Leave plenty of room.

Keep eyes on the road

Slow way down (or stop if necessary & safe) if notice un-usual light color or patterns.

Be wary/watchful of single headlights (it might be a motorcycle, but could be car w/ missing headlight)

there are of course many other safety rules that apply to either situation, but those are a few that pop to mind.

STAY SAFE out there everyone!!!


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