MY WWBH Story – April 10, 2013: Her Dad’s Shop

“Now Sally” Austin replied, “Don’t go getting your Girders in a knot.  You know easily upset you can get about these things and how stress affects your heart condition.”

Austin was right, Sally realized.  The doctor had repeatedly warned her about undue stress and the importance of not getting all excited.  she forced herself to  take a calming breath then worked to take slow even breaths, trying to lower rapidly beating heart.

“You know how much this dinner party means to me. how much it means to keeping my father’s shop open.” Sally whispered.  “I promised my father that I’d keep it going after he died.   I need this dinner party, and the sale this weekend, to drive business so I can keep “Williams Fun & Magic  Shop”

Austin smiled warmly.  “Your father was such a ham always a trickster, always joking around, but he was also a good business man too, though” he replied.  “He really believed in parity of income for all workers and new & improved working conditions”

“I just hope I can follow in his footsteps” Sally sighed.

“You’ll do fine,” Austin assured her.  “You’ve got your father’s business sense.

“Just make sure you don’t spike the punch Austin,” Sally replied.   “Your just like my father in that regard.  He would have liked your sense of humor.  He wouldn’t have approved, but he would have liked it.

The words for this WWBH Photo Prompt were:

  1. Ham
  2. Spike
  3. Parity
  4. Girders 
  5. Sale 

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