Un-Official #AtoZChallenge: L is for Learn

Never stop Learning!!

Anytime you think you know and have seen it all, that’s when you are in the biggest danger.  There is always room to learn more when it comes to fighting fire and rescue work.  Take any and every opportunity to improve and learn new methods.  There is constantly new and improved information coming out on how to do/handle different things when it comes rescue work or fighting fire.  I understand that sometimes the so called “Improvements” that come about really aren’t much of an improvement but, none-the-less it is important to keep up with new methods, technologies, etc; to learn new ways of doing things.  You should strive for constant learning and constant improvement of your skills.

Remember Never Stop LEARNING and Stay SAFE

This time I thought I’d put a few blogs that aren’t a part of the A-to-Z Challenge, but are related to the work of Firefighting and Rescue Work (including Safety)

Boots ‘n Bumkerpants


FireFighter Paramedic Stories

Views from the Jumpseat

ELAFFHQ (Excessive Leather Accessories for Fire Fighters Head Quarters)


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