Un-Official #AtoZChallenge: J is for Journey

Finally I’m getting this one done.  My apologies for being out of order.

The road to being a good (tongue in cheek) firefighter, Paramedic, Rescue Worker is a JOURNEY.  A journey that never ends.  One in which you should try and remember from whence you came and Why I’ll blog on that Remembering WHY later, when we get to “W”, but for now we’ll stick to Journey.

I’m not sure how this is going to fit into my theme for this challenge (which has been related to Firefighter Safety and reminders to stay safe on the job.

The journey to becoming a firefighter/paramedic can be a long hard one and that journey doesn’t stop when you pass your firefighter’s test.  It is a journey that continues till the day you retire (and by retire I mean in all aspects including any volunteering you decide to do).  Even then it is questionable that the journey ends there as firefighting (so I hear) becomes a part of you – gets into your blood.  Till that day, the journey continues and a part of that journey is LEARNING  (I told you I’m out of order here) and getting BETTER

I came across this webpage and thought it was interesting  Journey to Firefighter


Remember It’s a JOURNEY (with both ups & downs) and Stay SAFE


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