#AtoZChallenge: I is for Isolate

isolateI have to apologize as I am running a couple days behind of my challenge writing.  No excuses, just got a bit busy.  Will be doing J & K later today.

It is important to Isolate the fire and get it/keep it under control.

Containment & Control of the fire should be one of your main goals on a fire scene.  To start with Isolating and cutting off “fuel” supply (gas, air, etc) to the fire.  Here is a website that has some Fire Isolation Techniques.

It is important, however to look at the advantages of disadvantages of Fire Isolation and to be prepared  for any situations that can occur:

Advantages of Fire Isolation –

  • Asserts greater control over fire growth & development
  • Reduced Heat Release Rate from the fire
  • Reduced thermal radiation where close to the fire
  • Limited flow-rate is more effective
  • Less likely to experience Flashover or Backdraft
  • Reduces likelihood of windows failing (unplanned ventilation)

Disadvantages of Fire Isolation –

  • Thermal balance is destroyed and;
  • The air-track is depleted and visibility decreases
  • The heat in the overhead is brought down to the floor
  • May lead to a rich-mix of fire gases accumulating
  • CO levels increase and O2 levels decrease
  • Remaining occupants may suffer because of these effects

source: FireTactics.com

Remember ISOLATE the Fire and StaySAFE


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