Un-Official #AtoZChallenge H is for Harmony

Firefighters refer to themselves as brothers or being a part of a “brotherhood” Your team becomes your second family (in some cases your first).  For 24 hours every 3rd day you are with them.  you see the best and worst of situations together.

It is important that firefighters work together in Harmony.  Whatever else is going on, you must know that whatever the situation your team has your back (this is true for police officers as well).  Your team must work like a well oiled machine.  Everyone doing what they need to do.   The job of the captain (or who ever is lead on the call) isn’t to tell his team what needs to be done – they should already know.  His job is to make sure that everything is getting done as it needs to and nothing is overlooked.  He should be outside the situation making sure that everything and everyone is working in harmony.

Without harmony you have (of course) chaos.  No one knowing what’s going on, what’s being done or what needs to be done.  One important aspect of harmony is to do your job and do it well and trust that the rest of the team is doing theirs.  If your team is not in harmony then there is something wrong..

Remember, your team should work in HARMONY and Stay SAFE!!


3 thoughts on “Un-Official #AtoZChallenge H is for Harmony

  1. Having a common cause with seriously purposeful pursuits is a good impetus for harmony. It may actually be more powerful than just being blood relatives. I know so may families, the one I grew up in included, who are so dysfunctional and unharmonious. A marraige and family are where the greatest joys are possible, but also have to greatest potential for inflicting pain and anguish. We need to think about the (Godly) purpose for marraige and family in order to give “brotherhood” it’s intended meaning.


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