Un-Official #AtoZChallenge – F is for Focus

Because of my late start in this I was trying to play catch up and had hoped to get this done and out the door yesterday.  I got a start on it yesterday (on my phone – quite a challenge), but wasn’t able to finish it.  My plan was to finish it up this morning real quick on my computer, but alas the work I had started was gone (POOF!)  So now I’m starting over.

So far the concepts of my writing, for this challenge, has been looking at Situational Awareness – being aware of the situation around you, looking at the big picture and knowing what’s going on.  This time I want to focus on, well, Focus. By no means do I know this through personal experience but have heard/read enough to know that often times, when on scene, things can sometimes get quite chaotic with bystanders, etc.  that are screaming, yelling, and otherwise freaking out.  It is important to focus on the job at hand and to put everything else (except of course for that which could become a danger to you or patient) out of your mind – or at least in the back of your mind.  Don’t let the people around you, who are freaking out, keep you from what you need to do to do your job safely and effectively. Don’t let the lady who is freaking out about her child/husband/pet being inside keep you from ensuring that when you go into that building you are as safe as you can be.  Especially, when a child is involved the “kick-gut” reaction is get in there and do something…  But remember you can’t be any use to anyone if you yourself become a victim because you don’t have proper gear (see my next “A-to-Z Challenge for that one)



Okay 5 Blogs I found:

A Writer Weaves a Tale

The Occasional Adventures of a Hermit

Stretching My Wings (Hopefully this isn’t one I’ve already used)

Sandy Sandrellas Musings

By The Waterfall


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