Random Topic Writing Challenge – Writing

Today’s Random Topic is Writing…..  Seems appropriate somehow.  I’ve recently started yet another challenge…  This time an A-to-Z Challenge (though I am not doing this one “Officially’ as I missed the deadline for this year (can hope for net year though right)….  In addition to this Challenge I have a couple others I’ve either gotten involved in (or came up w/ myself).

Writer Wednesday Blog Hop Photo Prompt with Carrie (Chasing Revery), Nicole (The World of My Imagination), and LeAnne (Writing & Ruminations) is a lot of fun and involves coming up with a short story that must contain 500 words or less and include both the aspects of a photo (which is included) and 5 words (also included).

Collaboration Challenge (headed up by Carrie (Chasing Revery) is another one where various bloggers take part in a story each writing a separate week.  You have know idea what the person before u has written till the reveal, then you have a week to come up w/ yours.   You think you know where the story is going and what you might want to say when it’s your turn and then the story can take an unexpected turn.

Random Topic Writing Challenge is an idea that was given to me by Leanne (Writing & Ruminations).  You pick a word or topic (in my case I put a bunch on slips of paper into a container and then “blindly” choose a topic – Never know what your gonna get..  The idea is to write 5 minutes on the topic chosen (just start writing no stopping to think)


5 thoughts on “Random Topic Writing Challenge – Writing

  1. I love all the different ways you are challenge yourself, Tena! It’s inspiring to see the different ways you exercise your mind, hone your writing craft, and connect with others within the blogging and writing community. And thank you for including me in your community; it’s an honor. 🙂


    • Thank You. It means a lot to me to get such compliments 🙂 I don’t consider myself to really be that much of a writer (though I do enjoy making up stories in my mind).

      We are (supposedly) heading to Portland sometime in 2015 (early to mid part I believe and I told my husband that there are some people I HAVE to see – you, Nicole, Robert (Fondalo), Gunnar.


      • Well keep making up stories and keep writing them down. That’s what writers do! As for your trip here… hooray! That would be so awesome to meet up.

        Did you know that Nicole and I have never met face to face even though we both live in Portland? She’s a busy girl! Robert and I hang out periodically, though. I worked with Gunnar on his book last Spring, and now we see each other in passing. Let us know as soon as you know for sure so we get it on our calendars.


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