UnOfficial #AtoZChallenge: C is for Caution

Still Playing Catch up – Hopefully today (just need to get 3 done – C, D, & E…..

Whatever the situation is that you are approaching, always use Caution.  Don’t take anything for granted and Don’t expect anything to be a certain way.  Take a moment to be look at the scene before you go rnning in gung ho.  Stop and assess the situation.  Take in the big picture.  It’s not so easy to do so when you are in the thick of it.  Know where all the dangers are and what level of danger that danger represents to you.   Keep in mind that things may not always be as they first appear.   Sometimes the things that seem to not be reason for concern could end up being the biggest dangers.  Keep those eyes and ears open and Be AWARE and be Cautious (but not so much so that you don’t do your job)

Remember Always use CAUTION and Stay SAFE

And for this blogposts 5 new blogs I’m following:

While the Coffee Brews

Cheryl’s Random Thoughts


Sorry a bit short on this one today…  Have to pick up son for a Dental appointment (extraction = poor guy).  Get to D a bit later today.



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