Unofficial #AtoZChallenge (Quick Intro)

Hopefully I won’t get myself into too much trouble here using the AtoZChallenge hashtag (it’s a twitter thing).  I found out about this little challenge last night and when I went to the sign up list I found it was closed 😦  I was encouraged by another friend who is on the list to go ahead and do it unofficially (and hopefully I can jump on board next year)….

If I am understanding correctly (but don’t quote me on this, check out the A-to-ZChallenge blog for exact info – and hopefully we’ll see you officially next year) the way this challenge works is that you start off with April 01 with the letter A; April 02 with letter B; and so on  (yeah I’m a few days behind so I’ll have to hustle & bustle to catch up)….   Each day you write a blog related to the letter for that day (it goes in alphabetical order).  You are also challenged to follow 5 new blogs each day.

Sounds like this could be a lot of fun and another good way to get creative juices flowing.  Plus a great way to meet/follow some new bloggers 🙂


Time to get the Muse on!!………


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