Unofficial #AtoZchallenge: B is for Better

You can always get Better at what you do.  You can always improve.  If you ever think you’ve seen/know everything there is to know – That’s when you know that you are likely to find yourself in a dangerous situation; Because  it’s then that you become lackadaisical about your training and forget what you’ve learned….  Maybe even overlooking the obvious….

I’m going to step away from Fire & Emergency Medical Services and include a bit of a true story that has to do with overlooking the obvious….

A number of years ago  my husband worked quite a bit with computers (not so much now since he’s been having more trouble relating to his Spinal Cord Injury as well as a stroke a few years ago).  One day he was trying to figure out why something wasn’t working right.  He was pulling his hair out trying to figure out the problem.  I noticed the problem and tried to bring it to his attention, but he was so focused on searching for some complicated reason that my efforts were futile.  Finally, I held up the cables that had disconnected and showed them to him…..

Getting better at what you do is not just about endless drilling it’s about learning new things and improving on what you already know.   Strive to be better…  Strive to do your best…..


Remember:  There’s Always room to get BETTER and Always Stay SAFE


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3 thoughts on “Unofficial #AtoZchallenge: B is for Better

  1. When I home schooled my kids, we had a little rhyme: Good, better, best; we will never rest; until our good is better; and our better, best. 🙂


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