Unofficial #AtoZChallenge: A is for Awareness

Sorry I’m a bit late getting  out of the gate so playing catch up here

images AWARENESS –   a vital part of size up for firefighters, police officers, paramedics (or any first responder) when it comes to approaching the scene of a call whether it’s an accident, fire, burglary, domestic, what have you.

Probably one of the best sources of information on Situational Awareness comes from RichGasaway (@SAMatters) host of

Back in the days that I took my EMT course (Basic level) we were taught that the first question you must ask yourself is “Is the Scene Safe?”  To know this you must be aware of what’s going on.  Even after the scene is considered “safe” you must maintain awareness of the situation around you to ensure that it remains safe.


Of course apart of being a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic entails going into situations that are not considered (by the average citizen) to be safe….  But Being aware of the situation around you (Situational Awareness) and being ready for unexpected trouble you can drastically reduce the chances of a controllable situation from getting out of hand….

Remember Always Stay AWARE and StaySAFE!


Thought I’d start off the first five blogs with a couple people I’ve actually “met” before learning of this challenge:

Rhymetime24:  This cat has a flair that’s rare…  He can make anything rhyme – That’s right…  Any time

ChasingRevery:  I know she’s on the list somewhere (co-host of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop – Photo Prompt & the Collaboration Challenge – can’t wait for next one)

What better way to start off the day with a cup of hot coffee….   And some great blogs:

My Morning Cup of Coffee  IMG_20130324_060353

Coffee in the Garden

Another Cup of Coffee


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