Random Topic Writing Challenge – Prayer

Starting off my “blogging” today with the Random Topic Writing Challenge…..

The Rules:

Pick a word or topic randomly

Write for 5 minutes….  Whatever pops into your mind.


When it comes to prayer, I often find myself at a loss as to what to say.  How does one pray?  What does one say?  If you stop and analyze it too much it can seem overwhelming.  But prayer is best done from the heart.  You see Elohim (G-d) already knows what we need, what we are going to be praying for.  He knows the hairs on our heads every one, He knows everything there is to know.  So why pray?  what is the purpose if G-d already knows what your going to ask for.  That is one I cannot adequately answer.  I believe it has to do with having a relationship with G-d to be able to go to him as a beloved father knowing that he has your best interest at heart and that he wants whats best for you.  Just like with our earthly fathers (and mothers), we might not agree with they’re idea of “what’s best” – But G-d knows us intimately and truly knows what’s best for us.  We have but to reach out to him.


One thought on “Random Topic Writing Challenge – Prayer

  1. I think of our Elohim as Abba, our Father. Ultimately He is the GREAT great grand-daddy of us all. I think he cares about what we are experiencing, and how things are going for His kids. I think He wants our love. Our devotion. I think He wants to comfort us when the chips are down, and helps those in trouble, such as in accidents. I think He gave us His laws to help us avoid pitfalls on the road of life, and He cares that we have a good journey. I look to Him a lot.


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