My WWBH Story – March 27, 2013: A Strange Light (yeah I know it’s late)

Miranda shivered  as she stepped out into the chilly air from the warm cozy restaurant that she had been sitting in moments earlier.  She stood for a second outside, her gaze pulled to the large lake nearby.  She felt the call, a summons really, impossible to ignore.  The wind blew lightly and the grass rustled quietly around her as Miranda made her way towards the lake’s edge.
Suddenly the wind stilled.  A strange white light streaked across the sky.  Miranda stared at it mesmerized, unable to look away.  The light wrapped around her, surrounding her.  The thought came to Miranda that this strange phenomenon  should frighten her, that she should be running away or at the very least screaming.  Strangely, though, she felt completely at peace.   A feeling of warmth and love seeped through her, the touch strangely familiar.
Suddenly a guy who looked like he belonged in the middle ages appeared in front of her – tall, dark, and undeniably handsome.  A sword hung by his side, the blade glistening brightly.
“It was you” Miranda claimed, “You were the one I felt calling me”  She could not explain how she knew this, only knew that it was undeniably true.
“Yes, indeed it was me.” the man spoke his voice soft and melodious, an air of old world charm.  “I need your help”  He spoke simply without embellishment.
“Whhhy me?” Miranda stammered.  “I’m nobody, just a simple school teacher.  There’s nothing special about me.”
“I know your heart,  you have a certain repertoire about you for having unconditional love for those truly in need of it.I know you are the best one for the job”
“What job?” Miranda asked.
“It involves one of your young students, Bethany”.  Miranda’s mind went to the quiet little girl who rarely spoke and didn’t seem to be comfortable with anyone, anyone except for her that was.  “There is about to be great sadness in her young life and her life will be in grave danger.” the man continued.  “She is comfortable with so few people.  You are one of the few she has warmed up to.  That is nothing to trifle at.”
“But if you know this (Miranda didn’t event think to question how he would know of these things) why can’t something be done to stop it”
“Some things cannot be changed” the man said simply.
“So what is it that I’m suppose to do?” Miranda asked.
“Trust me,” the man answered, “You will know.”
The man simply leaned forward, brushing his lips across her forehead.  “You will not be alone.  I will be with you protecting both of you”   The man shimmered, fading away.
“WAIT!!!” Miranda called ou but he was already disappearing the, strange white light from earlier re-appearing.  The light once again surrounded her filling her again with warmth.  Then, just as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone leaving Miranda feeling strangely bereft yet, at the same time, filled with a sense of purpose.

The words used in this story:  guy, repertoire, restaurant, blade, trifle


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