Random Topic Writing Challenge – Emergency Vehicles

After a bit (ummmm did I say bit?? —  What an understatement.  Seems like I’ve been gone from the Blogging World forever) of a break.  I’m finally at a point where I’m settled into my new home enough to get back into (or try to get back into doing more blogging. I’ve got just under an hour before I go to meet my son (first day at new school)….. and I still need to figure out something for lunch…. But I’ve got time (hopefully) for a quick Random Topic Writing Challenge  So let’s see what’ today’s word is…..

Fort Worth Fire Department (picture taken by me).

…..  “Emergency Vehicles“……  Timer on……Go…..

So what goes through your mind when you hear sirens blaring behind you?   Do you “look” to see where they might be coming from?  Pay attention to whether or not there nearby (maybe even behind you, or about to cross in front of you)?  Did you know that the most dangerous position for an Emergency Vehicle is position #2.  Yep the second vehicle in the line….  When people hear the sirens (assuming they’re paying attention),  They’ll look for the first EV  and when that one goes by they assume that it’s safe to continue on without stopping to think that their could very well be others coming right behind it….  They pull into traffic and BAM!!!  (sometimes even literally).  So here’s a word of warning….  Whenever you see an EV going by (either past you or in crossing in front of you) – Don’t just pull out into traffic after the first one goes by, take a minurte and make sure they’re isn’t another coming along right behind.

Drive Safe everyone and watch out for the Emergency Vehicles…  The call they’re heading to might one day be for you.


3 thoughts on “Random Topic Writing Challenge – Emergency Vehicles

  1. Such great advice! I am always paranoid there’s more than one emergency vehicle, so I stay hyper-aware for sure. You also bring to mind a great reminder to watch for EV’s on all sides too, you know? Sometimes I hear the sirens and realize they aren’t coming from behind but from the cross street in front of me, which means I need to hang back and cross the intersection even if my light is green. Thanks Tena! So glad you are writing again!


    • Thanks Leanne (just realized I keep forgetting that last “e” in your name)…. It is good to be back 🙂 w/ all the changes going on, hopefully I’ll be able to continue to (try) writing 😉


  2. As soon as I hear a siren, I slow and begin to pull over. I also pray for whoever is involved, especially someone who may be hurting, or their families if someone died. It’s the least I can do.


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