Random Topic Writing Challenge – Depression, PTSD, and a “glimmer of hope”

Actually, I’m not gonna pick a “random topic” today…  Today what I’m going to write about is Depression and about PTSD and the strength that those of us who deal with (and maybe even struggle with) these things have.

If you struggle with Depression/PTSD and you are reading this post, then you have shown to have much strength….  More than you may even be aware that you have.  I don’t mean to sound morbid, but a person can easily come up with a wide variety of ways to “off” themselves or take their own life.  The fact that you are still here and still struggling on shows that you (or at least your sub-conscious) recognize that there is a reason for you to be alive on this earth and that you have the strength to hold on to that hope (no matter how small it is).  It is this holding on to this hope that shows our strength.  It shows your unwillingness to give up on life and to keep reaching for the next “tomorrow” and the next and the next.

As those of you who struggle with Depression and/or PTSD know, each day can be a struggle not to want to give up.  Thankfully I don’t have as much trouble as some, but it does run in my family  – and my mom killed herself due to having Depression (as well as Bi-Polar Disorder, I believe).   But all it takes is a small glimmer of hope to keep us reaching for “tomorrow” and the next and the next.  Some people may need a bigger “glimmer of hope” than others, but as long as there is that glimmer of hope we’ll keep reaching…..  And if your among those who struggle with Depression and PTSD, Keep reaching for that “tomorrow” and the next and the next….  Don’t Give Up!!!  Don’t Give In!!!  Keep holding on and being strong.


2 thoughts on “Random Topic Writing Challenge – Depression, PTSD, and a “glimmer of hope”

  1. I remember when we had our 5 point something earthquake here in Molalla, 1993. I made our family sleep in a tent for two weeks after, and it was rainy and cold in March! They gave up and moved back in the house, but not me! I remembered how that house shook, and three stories at that. The higher you are the more the sway. And our bed was wobbly too. I stayed on the air matress on solid ground another two weeks. When I finally moved back in, the tall bookcase next to my bed got tipped sideways and the books stacked one on top of another in the shelves. No way was I going to have THAT come down on me! I took all the pictures off the walls and taped the cabinets shut. Had to un-tape and re-tape every time I cooked a meal. I secured the pantry shelves, lined with glass home- canned food, with strips of masking tape across the front. I stayed outside during the day, as much as possible. I suspect PTSD, but who can say? I never got it checked out…


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