Daily Prompt: “Stroke of Midnight” – Quiet Night At Home

“Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013?”

I was sitting at my computer following a special New Year’s Eve Quasi-Tweetalong with the Arlington Police Department on twitter (@ArlingtonPD).  I call it “quasi” because it wasn’t actually one of their normal “Tweetalongs” which happen about once every couple weeks to a month (depending).  I have a lot of fun following along on these and have been doing so since sometime early this year (I want to say right around February or March).  If you want to see what a “Tweetalong” is like check out the DFWAlerts Blog under Tweetalongs

In addition to the Tweetalong, I was also listening to 1-Union-801 The WebCast on Blog Talk Radio.  The show usually “airs” every other Saturday, but they were doing a New Year’s Eve Special “Around the Kitchen Table”

Me and my husband “rang in” the New Year with a bowl of ice-cream topped with syrup (chocolate-york for him & Dr. Pepper & Root Beer for me); Along with a glass of some sort of pear juice drink (I think that’s what it was – don’t remember now & bottle is gone) mixed with some lemon-lime twist.  Of course earlier in the night I had also had some of my Swiss Chocolate Almond Coffee

“Is that where you wanted to be?”

Hell Yeah!!!!  Was looking forward to the Tweetalong and the “Around the Kitchen Table” show for several days before they occurred.  Can’t think of much else I’d rather be doing.  I know a lot of people probably enjoyed going out and partying (or maybe even having a big (or little) party at their house, but for us a quiet night at home is the most enjoyable thing we can think of.


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