Blog Hop Photo Prompt Reveal – Rainy Day at the Donut Shop

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“Ughhh, look at that rain” Monika complained as she re-arranged the assortment of donuts in the display case for about the fiftieth time that day, Monika.  There didn’t seem to be anything better to do.  She’d already wiped down all the counters and cleaned the backroom – twice.  All the donuts had been finished and the outgoing orders had been filled  & delivered.  In fact the driver had gone home hours ago.
When Monika had arrived into work that morning, her boss (and best friend) had warned her that it would be a busy day due to the aerial show taking place that weekend.  Munchkin Donuts, Where Monika worked, was also offering the choice of an all day – allzone  bus fare or a $5 gas card with the purchase of two dozen donuts.  Unfortunately one of the other workers who was suppose to be coming in that day had had to call in because her daughter had come down with the flu, so it was only going to be Monika and her boss working today along with the baker (who had also left a few hours earlier after he’d finished with the baking.
Steady rain had been falling since early afternoon and the influx of customers they had that morning had begun to trickle till there was hardly anyone coming in the door.  The morning had started out pretty good and sales had been high, which was  a good thing because they were definitely falling this afternoon.  At present her boss was in the back working on paperwork for the nights deliveries.
“Look” Monika’s boss (who had just come up front from the back office) stated, “The rain’s stopped.  Just then a whole bunch of customers came through donut shop’s doors.  “Maybe now we make a profit huh?!” He replied as he took the first customer in line.
“How can I help you ma’am?” she asked of the next customer in line as she shot a quick smile to her boss.

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