Random Topic Writing Challenge – Parenting

Today I ended up choosing the word “Parenting

Timer Set… Go…..

Parenting, it’s an interesting journey with many ups and downs (much like that of a roller coaster ride).  You go along the journey not knowing if your doing the right thing till your child (or children – each one’s different) is grown.  Well okay, you might have an idea as they develop into tween and teen-agers.  Speaking of tween age years those have ogt to be the most  ummmm interesting times.  I am constantly faced with  self debate as to whether I want to hug & cuddle my son or hang him from ceiling fan…   And I’m sure its no picnic for him either (“Mom, I wish you weren’t here”  – while he’s hugging & climbing on me.

My son can be a constant source of *headshaking* moments as he goes on about some idea or another, usually related to science or technology or something.  I can hardly keep up with him some days.  I wonder what he’ll end up becoming.


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