BlogHop Photo Prompt: Cholesteotoma

Didn’t get a chance to post the WWBH announcement this week (think it was from last  week also)  as I was busy catching up from my trip to Arizona (May try to put up some pictures I took).

This week Leann Sype (Writings and Ruminations) took a stab at the WWBH reigns and did an awesome job!!

If you haven’t yet seen last weeks entries, here they are:

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Okay so here it goes


Mandatory words:  lobster, remote control, luggage, ears, exam


Sandy had always loved the rain, loved to run & jump through the puddles in  her lobster red rainboots holding her yellow with red polka-dot umbrella (if she bothered to remember it that was)…  Her mother always scolded her about going out in the rain without her ear-muffs and jacket hood on.  Sandy hated wearing those ear-muffs – Hated how they felt on her ears.  And the hood of her jacket meant she couldn’t feel the rain on her hair and face the way she liked.  Now there would be no more running about in the rain, not for a very long time – Maybe forever.

A few weeks ago, after a particular cold and rainy day that Sandy had been running around in, she had gotten an ear-ache that quickly turned into an ear-infection.  The ear infection hadn’t been bad at first, “we should be able to treat it with antibiotics” the ENT had said at the first exam, but the infection had gotten worse and refused to go away.  Finally, stronger antibiotics killed the infection but the doctor still had more bad news.

“it looks like the cholesteotoma is back.  Sandy still remembered all the surgeries she had had to have it removed and the medications afterwards -yuck!  The doctor wasn’t finished yet…. “I’m afraid it’s worse this time.  The cholesteotoma has grown even bigger than last time.  If we don’t get it treated right away there’s a good chance Sandy could go completely deaf and there’s also a chance that it could extend into her brain.”

Surgery was scheduled and Sandy and her mom were given instructions to check in at the hospital early the next morning.  Sandy’s mom had helped her pack her purple and pink luggage bag with her favorite stuffed horsey from her Aunt Teri and blanket from her Gma Nonny.

Now she lay on her hospital bed playing with the remote control that moved the bed.   The medicine she was given earlier already starting to make her groggy.  “We’re ready to take her down to surgery” the orderly, who had just entered the room, said after checking her chart and bracelet.

Note: The story, for most part, is fictional – but parts are based on truthy.  I actually did have cholesteotoma as a child.  Mine was caught early on but apparently it can, if left untreated for long periods of time, eventually cause hearing loss and (in rare cases) affect parts of brain or even cause death.  I was lucky in that I only ended up with some hearing loss.  Also, I actually do have an Aunt Teri (who have me stuffed horse when I was little);  And a Grandma Nonny (actually Nonny), from whom my last gift (before shed died) was a robe (not a blanket).


4 thoughts on “BlogHop Photo Prompt: Cholesteotoma

  1. I love this story, Tena! You and I both went the ear-infection route… though our stories stemmed from completely different experiences. I think what I love the most is we get to learn more about you as the author. I love gaining insight about my favorite writers and learning more about their stories. Also, your entry is so educational! I had never heard of Cholesteotoma; I’m glad the effects of the condition were minimal in your life, but I can’t imagine how painful it must have been as a child.

    Nice job, friend!


    • wish there was “like” button so I could like your comment. Thank you Leanne (dang I’ve been spelling that wrong by the way – forgetting e on end). To tell you the truth, I don’t remember much of the pain from my childhood, but do remember getting ear-infections all the time and having to take anitibiotics. Plus all the surgeries. Ohhh yeah and the fun of trying to explain to doctors (when I was a little older) that I can’t use reg. ear drops in my ears due to hole in ear drum.


      • Oh man! Sounds traumatic. Have you read Stephen King’s book called On Writing? He went through some similar ear trauma as a kid too… just read that section a couple days ago. I highly recommend the book, buy the way. Outstanding perspective (and surprisingly down-to-earth) on the craft of writing.


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