Random Topic Writing Challenge – “BOOM” (Thunder and Lightening)

With travel & Holidays and such I had to put my blogging on hold for a bit – Now it’s time to get back in the swing…..

So let’s see what my word today is (choosing from my stash)…..  “BOOM” (this word came from my 11 year old son.  Starting up 5 minute timer….  And here we go….

“BOOM” The sound of something crashing? The sound of a bomb?  The sound of a gun? The sound of something falling? An explosion?  So many things it could be….  But my favorite is Thunder.

Not my picture

I always use to listen to the sounds of Thunder (and watch the lightening streak through the sky)  Counting the seconds between Thunder and Lightening to determine distance.  Let’s see was it Thunder to Lightening or Vice Verse….  And was it 7 miles for every second or 7 seconds for every mile.  Hell  I don’t remember now (learned all that years ago though).

In my son’s case…  Boom usually has to do with an idea for an explosions (hey what do you expect from an 11 year old boy?).  Wants to know what happens when you mix this chemical and that together or (better yet) “smash ‘x’ atom & ‘y’ atom together at high rate of speed” = BOOM!!! (LOL).


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