#Teachers should be addressed by Last Name

Time to get back to my blogging now that I’m home from my trip to Arizona.

Right now, the thought on my mind is the differences in how my generation (and earlier ones) addressed teachers (and other adults)…  When I was in school, a teacher was addressed as “Mr.” “Mrs.”, “Ms.” or “Miss” – NEVER by they’re first name.  Now a days I have found that some teachers actually introduce themselves by their first name an encourage their students to call them by that name….  Even as an adult teachers, that I’ve kept in contact with, are (and always will be) adressed as “Mr.” “Mrs.” etc as appropriate.

I can’t speak with authority on the subject but can only give my opinion that this lackadaisical attitude towards the usage of students being on first name basis with teachers is one that can breed a lack of respect.  The idea that teachers (as well as all adults) are on the same level as the child.  Teachers (good ones anyway) help to mold and shape our future generations…  They deserve respect

I want to thank all the teachers I had growing up

K: Mrs. Wallace

Fairfield Elementary

1st: Mrs. Juve

2nd: Mrs. Blackwell

3rd: Mrs. Smith

Raleigh Hills:

4th: Mrs Elimelech (PJA formerly Hillel Academy), Mr. Young, Mrs. Roser, Mrs. Gray

5th: Mrs. Stronach, Mrs. Stensland

6th: Mrs. Guthrie

Whitford Jr. Hight & BHS

Miss Huntley, Mr. Morris, Mr. Hadder, Mrs Schultz, Mr. Matthys, Mrs. Bray (so many others who’s names escape me). Mrs. Elimelech,



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