Had to share this wonderful WWBH Blog Hop Photo Prompt entry. Beautiful story that brought tears to my eyes.

Writings and Ruminations


Mandatory Words: iron, moon, university, bee, bench

Mama died a little while ago. I don’t know how long, but it seems like forever. But sometimes it feels like just a minute ago. Daddy still seems sad. Even though he tries to hide his sad face, I can tell he misses mama. So do I. Everything changed when she went up to heaven. Our house has no more music. I miss that the most. Mama always hummed when she was takin’ care of me ‘n’ daddy. When she would iron daddy’s work shirts, or brush our dog, Felix, or even that time she put medicine on my bee sting, she would just hum these soft pretty songs. Her songs made me know she loved us. I never knew the words, but I know she did cuz even though she only hummed, I could tell she was singin’ in her mind.

When mama…

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