Fire Fighters, Your Safety is Number One!

I want to take a minute to reach out to all you Fire Fighters Out there (And if You know a Firefighter – Please Share this with them).

Remember Your Safety is first and foremost…  You can’t do your job, savings lives, if you don’t keep yourself Safe first.  The Chicago Fire Department put together a great video a while back called “Everyone Goes Home”  The video will bring tears to your eyes, but it has an IMPORTANT message!  At the end of each shift – EVERYONE Should be going home to their family!!!

Here are some Safety Tips to Remember:

Large amount of LODD happen before arriving on-scene.  BuckleUp!!!

Take a minute and do your own size-up.  Know where your at & what’s around.

Don’t hesitate to call a MayDay if you think your in trouble – Don’t be embarrassed

Be Game-Ready When you pull out.. PPE Ready & Working…

“If u have reason for not using PPE correctly every time = write it down cause I need to read it to ur widow – I’m not gonnna know what to say” ~ Fire Department Chaplain

There is NO Such Thing as Routine… Don’t Be Complacent.

Direct Order! At the End of Today’s Shift (EVERY Shift) —> Every ONE Goes HOME


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