Random Topic Writing Challenge – Social Media

Okay so the word chosen from list today turns out to be Social-Media and we are starting the 5 minute timer….  Now!!

What can I say about Social-Media?  Well, for starters let’s look at the word “Social Media”  that implies – Social – correct?!  And to be social implies a relationship – correct?! (Read: It’s a Relationship Stupid by Robert Caruso from BundlePost).  I recently posted on twitter (as well as on my FB page) my disgruntlement of receiving MTs & DMs with nothing more than a website (often using a short URL that tells me absolutely nothing about what said site is about.  There’s no lead up, no relationship no nothing just Whamm Bamm ——> unknown website ——>  Thank You Ma’am (and even that last part is often left out).  As you may guess my instantaneous (and often automatic) response to this is Report —–> Block.  Don’t even take time to view the website….  If you want me to take a look at something #1 establish a relationship with me and #2) give a reason = tell me what site is about and why I ought to take my time peruse said site.  I may only be a lowly housewife who spends most all her time tweeting, FBing and blogging but still my time is important to me and I don’t want to waste it.

4 thoughts on “Random Topic Writing Challenge – Social Media

  1. Good post Tena!
    1) I totally agree with you. I build my trust with people, not websites or or Facebook pages. Engage me as a person–build a relationship–and the rest will follow. I’d rather spend days or weeks cultivating an honest relationship than waste one minute on a site that tries to sell me something… how do you know what I need without knowing who I am first?

    2) You are not a lowly housewife. You are a leader of your household, upon whom your family depends. You are a domestic engineer, building and running the systems that ensure the needs of your household and everyone in it are getting met. Moreover, you aren’t JUST tweeting; FBing; and blogging–you are a writer, my friend. The tweeting and FBing and your job as a domestic engineer gives you the material about which to blog about–to write articles. And don’t forget about the amazing community work/writing you do for all the emergency rescue workers and soldiers. Every time you write something–about any topic– you provide important information and/or relatable and insight. Your transparency on the life topics makes you brave and relational. You are so very valuable! Not lowly.

    3) I hope that didn’t sound lecturey. Wasn’t meant to be.

    4) I love that STOP and smell the coffee sign. 🙂


    • Thank You 🙂 I’m glad you like what I write. It means a lot to me that the stuff I share on here (as well as other places) is useful to others. I don’t consider myself to be knowledgeable in any particular area – I mainly right from the heart on things I see, hear, feel — Whether I am right or wrong well that sometimes remains to be seen. All I can do is share my opinions and whatever tidbits of facts that I have at my disposal.

      I was using the term “lowly” stereotypically – you know the whole “not having a real job” thing and spending all my time on places like FB & Twitter.

      Took the “Stop & Smell Coffee” photo myself at one of the Starbucks that we had gone to meet a friend at. Thought it was cool and, of course, had to take the picture.


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