Another thought on #SocialMedia Posting

This is something I am constantly struggling with when it comes to posting on the various Social Media Platforms — What to post? How to post (as in how do you write your post)? When to post? How often to post? so on and so forth.

Perhaps it is just who i am (aka my personality), but I am forever second guessing myself as to whether or not I am posting the right kinds of things. Sure I post what I’m gonna post, but then later I wonder are the things I’m posting “biting me in the butt” so to speak? And then there is the question of when do I post? Sure there’s programs/applications out there to help analyze the best time of day and you can even opt set up automatic postings to go out at those times…. Except that it only lets you do so many days at a time and to set up scheduled posts on something like hootsuite you have to buy the pro-version.

Personally, I feel like a dismal failure when it comes to Social Media. I’ve only got a handful of followers on any one platform (and some of those are actually duplicates among different platforms). Any one of my posts only gets maybe a couple likes/shares (at best) on any given platform (again see note about duplicates/duplicity). Kind of makes me wonder Why the hell I even bother…. I mean who the heck is gonna see this stuff anyway – Right?


One thought on “Another thought on #SocialMedia Posting

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