#DailyPrompt: Race the Clock – (Tweenagers)

It says I’m suppose to set a ten minute timer and then start writing – So, Here Goes…..


Ten minutes – What can I write in ten minutes???  Well if I could pick a single topic perhaps a lot perhaps not.  One minute and I still don’t have anything solid in mind.  Do I write on Fire/EMS stuff (my biggest interest)?  Do I write on the fun with having a tweenager (something I had to deal with today)?  What?

Well since the tweenager thing is at the forefront of what I’ve had to deal with lately…  We’ll go with that one.  (And here I am 2 minutes in – 8 minutes to go. (less now)

I’ve noticed the past few days that my son has been wanting to sleep a lot (of course staying up late doesn’t help, but even when he goes to bed at a half-way decent hour he wants to sleep more and more (haven’t noticed the accompanying “eat everything in sight” to growing).  In addition he’s also been more moody lately and waking up from sleep with outbursts (you know the typical  “NO ONE loves me”  and the “I wish you weren’t here/weren’t alive”, etc etc etc.  He’s also been showing some aggression (within normal limits) as well as wanting to posture (I think that’s the right term – where he wants to show dominance by his posturing (trying to bring himself up to full height and tower over me).  Yep we’re into some fun (aka rocky roads) ahead….  And guess what?!  The fun is just beginning  Teenagerhood is right around the corner.  Well okay got a couple years before he becomes age-wise, but somehow I don’t think hormones and all that ask about the actual age – Not like there’s a magical button that says ohhh ok he turned 13 today time to turn on the switch.
So what’s in the days to come is anyone’s guess.  I’m sure those of you with now teenagers or older could give me some insight of what’s to come (though I can probably take some guesses) and certainly insight is good and helpful….  But, even then, each child is different.  So  I guess me and him (my son) will be on this new road together struggling to figure it out.


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