Random Topic Writing Challenge – Parenting

Seems like…. Scratch that…. I HAVE been doing a terrible job on doing my Random Topic Writing Challenges every day. Heck the month of November is almost over and I’ve only managed to do – what – 10 of them (11 if you count the intro). Seems like every time I get the good intentions of following through on a challenge I seriously fail, but I won’t get into all that…. On with the show…. I mean blog….

Parenting…. One of those jobs that you never know if it’s a job well done until your child is all grown up and on their own. You do your best and hope you’ve done right. Hope that you didn’t screw up somewhere along the lines; Hope that something you did or didn’t do didn’t screw your child up somehow; Hope that you raised your child (now adult) to make good and proper choices and to do the right thing. It is a job w/ no pay and lots of frustration, but just as many rewards.  You wonder how many times you’ll say “This hurts me more than you” or “I do this cause I love you”…. But, then there are those little moments where your child wants to hug & cuddle. Parenting doesn’t come with a manual, there are no right answers – you just go through each day hoping your doing the right thing.

I once asked my father (though I have no idea why now)…. How do you know if you’ve raised your child right his answer was “You don’t till there on their own = #TRUTH


2 thoughts on “Random Topic Writing Challenge – Parenting

  1. Amen! Sometimes I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels as a parent–unsure if anything I say or do is making a worthwhile difference in my kids’ development. Sometimes I feel like the timeouts and scolding out number the “That was so good!” I hope that isn’t the case. Of course I always know for certain when I’ve majorly messed up. That always feels awesome–said no one ever. I try to remember that I am doing the best I can because, as you said, parenting doesn’t come with a manual. We can only do the best with the knowledge and experience we have, which of course only comes AFTER we’ve walked through the fire. 😉 I rely a lot on my gut/intuition.

    I’m sure you are a great mom, Tena!


    • As am I sure that you a re a great mom too Leanne. I also worry about those disciplinary actions out-weighing the positive actions. Am I being hard enough w/o being too hard? Am I giving my son the proper amount of positive attention. Am I giving a fair balance of giving good reason to the “Because I said so/told you to”


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