“I was fed up.” – #DailyPrompt: Connect the Dots

The Daily Prompt, for yesterday, from “The Daily Post” was to take the 3rd full sentence from page 82 of the nearest book and work it into a post.  The closest book is the one I’m reading which is Paramadic: On the Front Lines of Medicine by Peter Canning.

How easy would it be for Firefighters to do something rash when faced with frustrating events and just say “I was Fed Up”  Just getting to the scene can be filled with knuckle biting frustration (heck getting out of the station can be an ordeal.  At least 2 different times I’ve witnessed near accidents in front of a station as trucks were pulling out (and that’s ones that happened when I happened to be there), then on the way to the scene they have to deal with idiotic drivers who don’t understand the concept of get-out-of-the-way (Case in point is this blog I wrote:  Stupid Shit #3… Move Over for Emergency Vehicles about a driver who didn’t move out of the way of an Emergency Vehicle and instead stopped right in front of it for a red light.  Not to mention that the cars that do move out of the way can go in just about any direction to do so so the driver of EV has to stay alert and on his/her toes.

Once on scene, they somehow have to get a line hooked up – not so easy when people decide to park there cars in front of the hydrant (“just for a couple minutes” mind you).  If everyday citizens are involved (say at a hotel, residential, or apartment fire) they may very well have to deal with panicky people, running up to them crying & screaming, demanding immediate action while there still donning gear and doing size-up. And now the FUN begins….  Time to get down & dirty in putting out the fire.  For the firefighters assigned this could mean entering into a hot, smoke-filled room with visibility of ohhh say hand 2 inches from your face.  And did I forget to mention the gear they have on to protect from fire makes them even more hot & sweaty,  The mask to give them oxygen to breath while in there plasters to their face.  They emerge from the building covered with soot, sweat dripping down there face & neck as if they just got caught in a rain shower, gasping for air…..

Makes you wonder why they don’t get “fed up” more often.  But they continue to do their job Saving Properties, Saving Lives.  They don’t see themselves as heroes, just “Doing my Job Ma’am”  To all the firefighters out there I say THANK YOU and to all the rest I say Give em a break, don’t make their job harder than it already is.  When they’re lights & sirens = move safely out of their way, Don’t park in front of hydrants (even for a second),  Let them do their job on scene (it may seem to be taking time, but not as long as you think & they can do a whole lot more if they staysafe themselves)


2 thoughts on ““I was fed up.” – #DailyPrompt: Connect the Dots

  1. I once took a several month leadership class with the Tigard Chamber of Commerce; one of our day long sessions was spent at Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue. Wow! What an eye opener for me as a city citizen about what our rescue workers have to go through. One of the lessons that stuck out the most for me was the instructors (firemen) put up a photo of a mock scene and pointed out what each person was doing. As a passerby, an emergency scene may look chaotic and almost unorganized when IN FACT every person and piece of equipment is engaged in a strategic, life-saving role I would NEVER want to interfere with.

    And you’re right about panicked people and the not-so-smart ones who get in the way without even realizing it… they become obstacles to saving lives of others. That’s got to be so frustrating, yet rescue workers remain patient in the midst of their job. I don’t know how they do it! You’re doing a fabulous thing, Tena, educating the public on what our emergency rescue teams do, have to deal with, and how we as community members can better support them.


    • Thank You Leanne… Educating Public as well as reminders to Emergency Personnel to StaySafe is one of the biggest reasons I am on twitter, wordpress, blogger, etc…. Well that and meeting new people 🙂 ….. It means a lot to me to be able to do this. I can’t offer much to these guys who risk live every day, but I can do this!


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