#TurkeyFryers Use Them Safely and Have a SAFE fun ThanksGiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with that is of-course the cooking of turkey.  For those of you braving the prospect of cooking your turkey delicacy in a turkey fryer, make sure you read those directions first – and more importantly, make sure you FOLLOW THEM!!!  Let’s not make firefighters job more difficult than it already is with stupidity.  FRY SAFELY!!!

  1. Turkey Frying should be done outside, well away from buildings and ANYTHING Flammable ( no matter how slight)!
  2. Make sure there are no (or possible of any) children playing in the area – Continue monitoring as turkey cooks.
  3. Speaking of monitoring,  Always keep a close eye on your turkey as it cooks – Don’t just walk away!
  4. Before starting the frying process, make sure your bird is well thawed with ice removed
  5. Ice chunks into a hot fryer aren’t a good combo
  6. Turkey should be lowered slowly and carefully into the pot….  Make sure the heat is lowered before you do this.

Watch these Turkey Frying Safety videos on

Turkey Frying Safety

Eat, Fry, Love w/ William Shattner

A Real Turkey Fryer Fire

In the above videos all portrayals of fire were done under closely monitored & supervised situations with actual firefighters and firefighter eqiupment on hand….  In the case of an actual Turkey Fryer Fire you won’t have this benefit (unless you happen to be a (or next door to a) Fire Station.

Remember Everyone to Have a Safe & Fun Holiday Season:

Have A Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Some Rules for a Safe Holiday Season

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